Scroll Saw Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Scroll Saw?

A scroll saw can be defined as a small electrically operated saw used to cut out intricate curves onto metals, plastics, and woods. The finer blades allow for carving more intricate details and is a better choice over hand-operated saws or fretsaw.

Is a Scroll Saw Worth It?

Using a scroll saw can add machine power to ease up the process and is of valuable use for cutting sharp frames, BUT it needs to be a reliable and powerful one.

Preferably one that’s guaranteed to minimize machine vibrations, has a wide range of speed drives, and comes with a configurable blade-clamping system.

What is the Best Scroll Saw?

5 of the best-selling scroll saws today are:

1) Hegner 18″ Scroll Saw

2) Jet 727200k Scroll Saw

3) WEN 3921 Scroll Saw

4) DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw

5) PORTER-CABLE Scroll Saw

6) Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw

You can find our experts’ product reviews of other scroll saws here!

How Do I Change a Scroll Saw Blade?

Step 1: Before beginning, ensure the saw is unplugged. This is in order to prevent any electrical shocks.

Step 2: Loosen the bolts, screws, or turnable knobs holding the blade. Loosen the screws using the appropriate screwdriver sizing or allen and wrench. The position of the screws may be found in the instruction manual of your device.

Step 3: Once all the screws are loosened, you can now remove the saw blade. Carefully remove the blade with gloves on.

Step 4: On removing the old blade, select a new blade within the range specified in the instructions guide. The blade should be inserted such that the teeth face downwards, although some of the newer generation blades come with teeth facing bi-direction, which is both upwards and downwards, for a smoother cut.

Step 5: Locate the two holes on the new blade and position them as they were in the older one to hold the blades in place. The screws shall fit into these two holes for clamping the blade to the holder.

Step 6: Once the new blade is aligned with the screws, make sure to tighten the screws tightly but allow space for some future adjustments. Check that the blade is upright to avoid any kind of tension.

Step 7: That’s it! You can check if the new blade is fit in place by trying a cut. If required, you may tighten it further but remember not to tighten it beyond its limits or else you could end up straining the blade.

How Thick of Wood Can a Scroll Saw Cut?

The most common scroll saws can cut wood up to 3/4” thick, and the higher-end scroll saws can handle wood that’s even thicker than this. Scroll saws can also be used to carve out minute, intricate, and complex patterns onto the wood as well.

What is the Best Wood for Scroll Sawing?

The most common scroll saws are recommended for cedar and plywoods. But going with higher-end scroll saws, like the Hegner 18-inch scroll saw, you can typically cut through any kind of wood, as per your requirement.

Why Does My Scroll Saw Blade Keep Breaking?

There may be several reasons for your scroll saw blades breaking quite often. The main reason would be improper tension due to hogging of the cutting material too fast or excessive side pressure. Other reasons may be rust, defective blade and blade holders, etc.