Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

Updated 4/4/2021

When you think of the best scroll saws, think Hegner! The brand is synonymous with compatibility, quality, durability, sturdiness, and much more.

One particular model of Hegner series of scroll saws is the Hegner 18″ Variable Speed scroll saw. 

This model has been the clear winner in the range of scrolling saws, with a complete package of features to suit everyone.

Let’s find out about the features that make the Hegner 18″ variable speed scroll saw stand out!

About Hegner

Hegner UK is part of Technology Supplies Ltd. This company has long been the most comprehensive brand promising to provide schools, colleges, and offices with the broadest range of quality products, equipment, and services to meet their requirements.

Whether you need machine power to carve out fine details or chop down large chunks of the wood beautifully, Hegner UK provides all the machines.

If you’re really into woodworking, you’ve most likely been on a never-ending quest for the perfect saw that offers service for a lifetime, as opposed to just a few years.

Hegner will win your trust there! The machines are built with reliability and durability. Hegner deals in scroll saws, lathes, sanding tools, spares, and more!

Hegner Scroll Saw Features

1. Capacity

Powered by a mammoth 2.83-Amp induction motor, the Hegner 18-inch has one of the largest motors of all the scroll saws in its class.

It beats its competitor scroll saws, namely the DeWalt DW788 and the Craftsman 16″ by a wide margin.

Raw power is one of the most important elements in scroll saws, and it is just the best in that. The Hegner 18″ can cut through any kind of high or low-density materials. 

The Hegner 18″ features a throat depth of 18 inches, which is the ideal length when it comes to scroll saws.

The throat is large enough to fit any size of material with great ease, making your workbench less time-taking and comfortable. The power and throat depth of the scroll saw adds up to its productivity. 

The scroll saw can cut depths varying from 2″ to ⅝,” and that’s a range more than sufficient while dealing with any type of work material, plastic boards, sun boards, metal sheets, and others.

One absolute stunner here is the weight of the machine! Even with such a power-packed engine, it weighs just 43 lbs and is designed in a compact form factor, making it easy to handle and carry.

Another standard feature here is the dynamic speed range of 400 to 1,700 SPM, which is useful when working with materials of varying densities.

The speed can be easily changed by turning the speed knob to the desired speed.

2. Accuracy

Along with its stellar capacity, the Hegner 18-inch scroll saw also delivers equally well on the accuracy of scrolling.

The well-figured design of this powerful tool with a cast-iron table, blade holders, arm, is kept in calibration to limit excessive vibrations and boost accuracy.

Not only does the scroll saw cut accurately, but the blades have a strong build and finish. 

3. Durability

This model is designed to last a lifetime with minimal service requirements and blade maintenance.

The outer material used in the saw is exclusively cast-iron, and only the drop foot knob comes out of a material combination of metal and plastic parts on the inside.

The build gives the speed scroll saw a flawless premium finish for a long time.

4. Stability

Stability is another essential concern related to scrolling saws. While on the workbench, the machine should be stable enough and avoid any vibrations.

With the Hegner 18-inch scroll saw, you would get the most comfortable and stable work experience.

The scroll-table on which it is built is machined-engineered and easily combats all external slips, the sliding friction of the scroll table being sufficiently great. 

The table, the base, and the arm are made out of thick cast-iron plates that can easily absorb all vibrations, thus eliminating any stability concerns.

Additionally, the base also features configurable mounts that can be easily used to affix the scroll saw to your workbench or scroll saw stand. 

5. User-Friendly

One standout feature of the Hegner 18″ variable speed scroll saw is the quick lock tension release mechanism that makes it easy to change blades as and when required.

And yes, worth mentioning is that it only takes a minute or less to do so. Hegner design has considered inside scrolling too.

You simply need to push the blade from the blade guard, position your blade inside the material, and turn the lock on. As simple as that can be. 

6. Easy Dust Removal

To make the cleanup process even easier, the Hegner 18-inch scroll saw supports a dust port that can be attached to an external vacuum to pull the dust away from the work area.

7. Incline Support

The saw table can be easily inclined to make angular designed cuts. The parts comprising the scroll saw can be easily changed by the user with ease and readily available from the manufacturer, Hegner.

Even the clamp holding the blade can be replaced. And the main highlight here is the solid seven-year manufacturer warranty that comes with it.

Considering the exceptional quality of the machine and its capability to run for a lifetime with minimal maintenance, it is surely a once in a lifetime investment.

The sturdy design makes it reliable and keeps it running for long years. So, I would say if the price is in your budget, get the deal right away!

What We Like

● The most powerful inductive motor of 2.83-Amp in the price range, making it the most powerful scroll saw at present that can literally cut through anything and everything!

● A workable scroll saw that is generously easy to use and comes with lots of handy features. 

● Large throat size of 18-inch that can be used to easily cut intricate details into larger material sizes on your workbench. 

● Ability to cut with a range of depths from 2 to 5/8 inches, making it easy to work with almost all commercial products.

● Durable build quality and design made out of thick cast-iron that can last a lifetime.

● The cast iron dampens machine vibrations, making it quite stable.

● Wide range of tunable speeds from 400 to 1,700 SPM. Easily adjustable using the tune button.

● It comes with a standard Hegner 7-year warranty.

What We Don’t Like

The price is a bit on the higher side. More expensive than most other professional scroll saw machines from different brands.

But considering the quality, a case can be made argued that it is once in a lifetime investment. Overall we rate it more than worth it for those looking for unparalleled long-term reliability. 

Wrapping it Up

With everything nowadays being manufactured overseas and specifically designed to break down over a few years so you’ll be forced to buy the next model, the Hegner 18″ Variable scroll saw is definitely a pleasant departure from this.

It actually reminds us a lot of the good old American-made products from our childhood, like those General Electric refrigerators that will keep on trucking long after we’re gone. These products were built to last, and built with pride.

The Hegner scroll saws might have been made in Germany, but it replicates the quality and craftsmanship of American-made products from back in the day like no other scroll saw we’ve ever seen. 

So if you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime investment for your workshop, you should choose the Hegner 18″ Variable Speed scroll saw anytime over any other scroll saws for the best sawing experience.

This brand is the most widely used and the most popular expert choice in the field of woodworking.

Hegner has always brought the woodworking standards to higher levels, and we have no doubt that owning a Hegner scroll saw will bring you along with it!

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